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There are numerous walking tracks on Flock Hill Station and for the more adventurous there are well documented tracks in the Craigieburn Forest Park and Arthurs Pass National Park. We have detailed information on our favourite walks and can provide useful advice and in many cases maps, walking and weather information if required.



The Knoll: 2.3Km, 30 minutes

This track goes up the hill behind the lodge with views of the Craigieburn valley and Lake Pearson. It starts behind the restaurant by the historic homestead, where you will find a sign for the Knoll against the deer fence. Follow the track to the first flat area then carry on along the farm track following the orange markers. When the track starts to turn back towards the lodge it will return to the first flat area then back down the same track to the lodge through the trees. 

Full Lake and Waterfall track: 10.8Km, 3 hours

This track is our longest track that takes you to the lake, along the base of purple hill and up to the waterfall. It starts the same as the lake track but when you come to the fence crossing with two signs, follow the sign to the waterfall. You will then follow the base of the mountain right around until you come to the farm track where you will turn left, away from the lodge. Once at the waterfall come back out to the head of the waterfall gorge and walk along the base of the mountain following the deer fence which takes you back to the lodge via the Knoll 

Waterfall Track: 8.7Km, 2 hours 15 minutes

This walk takes you up through the farm and into a rocky gorge with a large waterfall and then walks back long the top of the deer farm with amazing views. This track starts by walking through the farm yard but please stay close to the fence as this is the farm yard and there is often machinery operating. Once in the yard area follow in the direction of the sign which will take you down the farm laneway. At the end of the lane way you will come to a set of two gates and make your way through the right hand gate up the gradual slope. From this point on there will be vivid markers to show how to make your way to the waterfall and on your return you will walk along the base of the mountain following the deer fence and back to the lodge via the Knoll.


Lake Track: 5.2Km, 1 hour 20 minutes 

This track takes you down to Lake Pearson and out through the farm paddocks. To start on this track head towards big red woolshed you can see from the car park at the front of the lodge once this track splits take the left track where you will find a sign for the Lake. Head through the gate and onto the river bed where you will then follow the orange markers. Once on the lake front walk along the lake away from the road towards the base of the mountain. When you reach a fence stile with two signs one with the lodge and the other with the waterfall take the lodge direction. This will then take you through the matagouri and back towards the lodge.