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Flock Hill Station was originally farmed as part of the original Craigiburn run. This was a huge expanse of land that extended from Broken River to Lake Pearson and from the Waimakariri River to the Craigieburn Range. It was in 1857 that Craigiburn was first taken by Joseph Hawdon who had come out from Australia where he made his fortune. When the West Coast Road was opened in 1865, Hawdon realized an opportunity and established a Hotel below the station at the bend in the road halfway down from Lake Pearson. There are no remains of the Hotel today.

Hawdon sold Craigieburn in 1867 to the Campbell brothers who went their separate ways by 1872, and the property was then managed by Reginald Foster of Avoca Station. Thomas Whillians Bruce from Cora Lynn had a hand in the run until 1881 when it was then taken over by Loan and Mercantile Company followed by Jones and Stronach and then sold again in 1906 to Frederik Savill. It wasn't until 1917 when the lease came up for review that the run was divided into three. James Milliken IV [1880-1947] took up two of the blocks and named the run "Flock Hill". Milliken derived the name from the scattered limestone rocks near Cave Stream which many believe to look like flocks of stone sheep.