Flock Hill History

Flock Hill Station was established in 1857 as part of the Craigieburn run and was originally farmed by Joseph Hawdon a wealthy immgrant from Australia.  In 1865 he established a hotel somewhere between Flock Hill Station of today and Lake Pearson after the West Coast road was first opened.  Sadly, it burnt down soon after opening and was quickly rebuilt.  The hotel was ultimately unsuccessful and later used as the Flock Hill Station Managers house.

Hawdon sold Craigieburn in 1867 and the run then changed hands several times until the lease was reviewed in 1917.  At this time the Craigieburn Run was divided into 3 blocks and James Milliken took over 2 of them, naming his farm Flock Hill after the limestone formations on the hills near Cave Stream, as some say that from a distance they resemble of flock of sheep on the hill.

Milliken farmed Flock Hill until 1948 when Gerald and Doreen Urquhart took over.  The Urquhart's built the deer unit and started the accommodation complex as it is today.

The Innes family brought Flock Hill in 1982 and it is largely thanks to them (and the subsequent owners) that the Flock Hill Station of today is such a special facility.