About Flock Hill Station

Flock Hill Station is owned by the University of Canterbury and leased by Flock Hill Holdings Limited. 

Flock Hill Holdings Limited promotes access to Flock Hill Station so that this special property may be experienced by all.  The lease holders have a keen interest in promoting the property to and allowing access for schools, special interest groups, research and specialised recreational activities such as fishing and bouldering. 

Please note that Flock Hill Station is a working farm and as such access may be limited or even denied at certain times of the year such as lambing or calving.

Richard and Anna Hill have been running the Flock Hill Station farm for the last nine years and on Flock Hill Station's 36, 000 acres they stock merino sheep, cattle and some red deer.

A hospitality business of some kind has been running at Flock Hill since 1865.  Presently Flock Hill Station operates a variety of accommodation, a conference venue and function centre on the site of the original Flock Hill Resort.

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